Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Day is Today? It's Allie's Big Day.

Yesterday was Allie's big birthday party with Jett. Jett just turned 2 and Allie is turning 1 on Tuesday. Hooray!

We had a Finding Nemo themed party, since we love Nemo.

We had blue ocean water to drink.

And sand dollar cookies. (Thank you, Pinterest, for easy, cheap ideas!)

We ate Nemo's Cousins (Goldfish), Shark Teeth (triangular cheese) and seaweed spread (spinach dip).

Little fishies watched over the party.

There were lots of presents, especially since it was a joint birthday. And here is the one photo you get to see of Jett. :)

Jett loved the cupcakes and ate one and a half, very politely with a fork, making sure not to get dirty. Alexandra, on the other hand, wouldn't take a single bite of cake. The frosting on her lips is only there because Mike put it there. But she did enjoy massaging the frosting with her fingers and trying to wipe it on Jett.

She got some excellent toys, such as this Broncos outfit that she can wear while we're watching...Pride and Prejudice.

And she got this toy car that she is just wild over.

Today was a big day for her too - she was dedicated at church along with her friend Timothy.

I love that Crazy Allie is looking down over the proceedings.

Happy Birthday, Alexandra!


Krista said...

What great pictures! Looks like a great party and weekend. Glad Allie got some toys she liked.

Adorable haircut! Haylie and I enjoyed seeing her shoes on Allie.

I'm not surprised Allie joined the ranks of "one-year-olds who protested their birthday cakes." Though it looked like she was much less disgusted with it than my son was. Maybe they'll learn to enjoy it by the time they're 2.

Amber said...

Krista, I think that's Haylie's dress too, isn't it? Or it could be one that Robin gave her.

Mike said...

Jett was pushing her at warp speed on her little truck. I had to chase them around just in case she came flying off, but she really held on well, even when he was running full speed and bonking into things along the way. She's a little less impressed by the lower speeds I push her at, but still loves it.