Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five Years

Tomorrow, I'll go to Compassion's weekly chapel. They'll play cheesy jazz music. I'll walk to the stage and shake a big wig's hand. They'll give me a statuette of Jesus. All this can only mean one thing: I've been here for five years!

Mike and I divide our lives as pre-Colorado Springs and present day. All that led up to moving here was our formative youth, and so we associate the Springs as the beginning of our established, adult life.

Our first few years were hard. Mike struggled to find employment before we started the ice cream store, and I missed northern Colorado and our friends dreadfully.

But slowly and surely, the Springs have become our home.

We found a church that we consider our home and our family - people who would be there for us if our car broke down or our home burned down (which they have proven).

I found work that uses my skills and is both fulfilling and exciting. Mike has become an ice cream mogul, using his myriad skills as an entrepreneur.

We found our favorite local hang outs, bakeries and shops - even in the midst of the restaurant chain desert that is the Springs.

And we found new places to explore and love - the red rocks of the aptly named Red Rock Canyon, the scrub oak jungles of Bear Creek Canyon, the uninterrupted vistas of our now-burnt hillsides.

It hasn't been an easy five years, but it's all part of the unfolding story of life - one we are eager to share with our small family - camping in the backyard, looking at the changing aspens on Wilkerson Pass, ducking through caves with old-time lanterns, and picking berries at Happy Apple Farm.

Thank you, God, for my work, my church, my family, and my home.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your five-year anniversary! Sounds like you have had an interesting and rewarding journey while working to overcome the challenges.