Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Leaf Tour

Today we went on our annual fall leaf tour up around Cripple Creek and Victor. Last year when we took Allie, she was a tiny little peanut.

Although she was much bigger this year, she still kindly slept during the whole drive so we could enjoy ourselves. Here's a video of the beautiful view - a lot of leaves still haven't turned yet.(OK, so she woke up in time to scream for the video.)

Then we stopped by Mueller State Park for a short hike. Last time we went there, I was preggo and could barely make it up the hill. This time, we just so happened to run into our friends the Ohls in the parking lot and had a nice little hike together.

And Allie got to hang out with her friend Nathan, who is exactly one year older than she is. Obligatory baby video:

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Anonymous said...

If you make it full screen feels like the IMAX. Dynell said she was getting motion sick from the exciting descent.