Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Adventure with Alexandra

Mike found us a baby backpack on Craigslist, so now we can get our hike on. And it's a good thing because since we didn't have a backpack, we'd been taking hikes in the neighborhoods surrounding us (you know, the mansions like this one), and it was making me start to feel like I need to get rich and buy a mansion. So now we're back on our game with our trusty Kelty. Alexandra likes it too.


Today, Mike's store was selling ice cream at an event at Glen Eyrie, so we got to park there and head off. (Glen Eyrie has gotten rather stingy with using their grounds in the past couple of years.) We headed up a way we've never gone, up the Fire Road to an overlook of Queens Canyon. This is a pic of me coming down, but it is also, coincidentally, what it looked like going up. 

Then we turned off onto this steep, twisty turvy path to overlook the canyon.  If my mom saw where we were hiking with the baby in a backpack, she would get the vapors. I had to not look down. At one point, we passed a car, crashed upside down. It had clearly crashed from the much, much higher up 4-wheel road above us. The landscape around us seemed secret and special.

The baby thought it was less special and started crying right about the time that we realized we had somehow missed the turn off for our trail. Hiking on a cliff with a tippy backpack on with a screaming baby in it takes strong nerves.

Therefore, Mike got to carry her the whole way. But using his handy-dandy GPS on his phone, Mike discovered we had gone waaaaaay too far and could just hike up the mountain to get to the Rampart Range Road. If you know the Springs, you know how high that means we hiked! After making it up to the road, we were treated with a fabulous view. It was all worth it in the end.

Luckily, once we found the road, it was a much easier trek back to the car. And for our troubles, we ran into these majestic beasts on our way out. 


And now, Mike is passed out on the couch, and I'm not sure if he'll ever recover!

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NV said...

Great views. Nice backpack. Tired kid -eventually. NV