Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Silly Videos

Enough words - it's silly video time!

I like to call this one "yellow nun."


I call this one "Baby Rappa."


And I don't call this one anything, because she doesn't actually do anything, but I still like it.



Craig said...

1. Love to see Alexandra pleased and happy.

2. Hooray for Amber-she makes us think. I notice the Genesis passage says "your desire will be for your husband" and not, your desire will be to control your husband. Perhaps the translators knew something.
Armand Nicholi professor of psychiatry at Harvard makes an interesting on love.
Lewis joins Freud in warning that all forms of human love "carry in them the seeds of hate." If one has a need to be needed and that need is not met by the child or parent (or male-my insertion), the need can become more and more demanding and the frustration can turn love into hate. Lewis warn: "It was of erotic love that the Roman poet said,"I love thee and hate," but other kinds of love admit the same mixture. They carry in them the seeds of hatred. If Affection is made the absolute sovereign of a human life the seeds will germinate. Love, having become a god, becomes a demon."
Amber, you well point out that men and women might worship different false gods and that worship can affect how they understand or misunderstand a truth of scripture. I find the false gods I want to worship have changed from time to time in my life or perhaps I slowly become aware of that tendency which was unrecognized earlier or hasn't even been recognized yet. It easier to recognize my false god of long life when something comes up that threatens it. Also, it's too easy for me to be uncaring about the harm that comes to the opposite sex when they are tempted by a god who does not tempt me. Conversely, I am overly sensitive and excuse the same sex person who worships the false god I worship, This is unlike Jesus who even the Pharisees said did not practice favoritism. Warmly yours, Craig

Krista said...

The kids loved the videos and pictures of Allie! They wanted to see the photo of her at 8 months and I said, "We get to see that one in person." Looking forward to it!

Krista said...

I forgot to say that we all thought Michael's rap sounded suspiciously like the Ducktales theme song...