Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My husband is a funny kind of guy. Not funny "ha-ha." Funny "oh-my-gosh-what-have-you-done-this-time?"

I really only have myself to blame. Just before we started dating, we went on a trip to the Mile High Flea Market with some friends. Mike decided this was the perfect chance to 1) dress in costume and 2) test the limits of my affection. I, already wary of his somewhat questionable fashion sense, was dismayed to see him show up on this all important day when I was trying to decide if I should date him or not wearing his finest "white trash" outfit, complete with wife beater, handlebar mustache, rat tail, and camo fishing hat. We were not amused.

But my love survived the fashion test. And it has survived subsequent tests throughout the years, such as that Indiana Jones hat he just can't resist and his leather cowboy hat he got at a tourist dive. And once again, my love faced the test last night. Several nights before he had told me, "I'm going to surprise you in the next couple of days. Not a surprise for you, just a surprise." "A good surprise or a bad surprise?" I asked. "Neither, just a neutral surprise," he said.

Then last night, I noticed Mike was spending an awful lot of time in the bathroom. "Surely he can't still be combing his hair," I thought. I hoped to myself that he wasn't once again cutting his own hair, an unfortunate affliction I'm trying to cure him of.

Finally, I knocked on the bathroom door and he opened.

His hair was red.


His eyebrows too.

"See? I told you I was going to surprise you, that it wasn't a good or a bad surprise." I could have begged to differ. He said he just wanted to look like Allie and me with our nut-brown hair, so he had bought brown hair dye. Upon closer inspection, the package said "dark blonde." And apparently Mike's dark blonde hair + dark blonde hair dye = red hair.

On the upside, it really brings out his green eyes. He has quite the charm of the leprechaun. He's magically delicious.

And so now all that is left to decide is what to do: shave? dye again? wait for the grass to grow? Pull that Indiana Jones hat back out?

Oh, Mikey, how I love you.

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sarahbri said...

I can't believe you didn't post a picture. I want to see this so badly. Which brings up a good point - I want to see ALL of you so badly! When can we make that happen again?!