Sunday, August 14, 2011

Once Upon Another Shower

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amberella who was so loved, that she was thrown an embarrassing, yet wonderful number of baby showers. After her first shower with family in Denver, her lovely friend Candace in Laporte threw her another shower with her long, lost friends from northern Colorado.

There was her friend, Sarah, whose belly hers finally caught up with, after lagging behind earlier in the year. Amberella was glad to finally be getting all the attention and preferential treatment that were her just desserts, that Sarah has been no doubt experiencing for the past three months.

There was her friend, Jen, who gave Alexandra a computer engineer Barbie, which Mattel based on Jennifer herself.

There was her friend Amy, writer extraordinaire, who was kind enough to drive up to the shower, even though her son surprised her with a visit home this weekend.

There was her friend Candace, who hosted the party at her magical abode, which is always brimful of delicious treats whenever Amberella visits.

There was her demure English major friend, recently turned karate black belt master Stephanie (left), her first big boss turned wonderful friend, Pam (second from left), her little friend who packs a mighty punch, Becca (3rd from left), and her editor extraordinaire turned lawyer extraordinaire friend, Kate (right).

Candace prepared a delightful lemon cake, festooned with flowers from her own garden.

Along with a delicious chicken salad, watermelon and asparagus to keep Baby Alexandra satisfied during the shower.

Amberella was so thankful to be surrounded by her wonderful and diverse long lost friends whom she loves so much and who made her feel so loved!


sarahbri said...

It was so nice to see you Amber. You looked so great. I still miss seeing you everyday!

Aubergine said...

You are very blessed to have so may wonderful women as friends.