Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Master Bath

Mike recently finished a huge home project. Besides redoing our bathroom and baby room, he also just finished replacing every single door in our house from hollow oak doors to pretty six panel white doors. Doors are so cheap, and they make such a difference in brightening up the house. Mike is such a hard worker and I don't want him to get bored with no house project, so I've already started dreaming of his next project. What? Sure, he owns an ice cream store and it's our busiest season and we're having a baby in a month, but just think of how much busier we'll be once the baby is here!

So whether it happens in the next month or in 18 years when Alexandra is all grown up, I've started dreaming of how we can finish the very last untouched room in our house: The master bath. Now that our bedroom is so darn purty, it's a shame to look through those french doors to our unfinished bathroom. Here's a before. (Notice the monkey that suddenly jumped up behind the camerawoman.)

We'd like to continue the Hawaiian/tropical feel of our bedroom, but we'll have to do it on the super cheap, so we're going to have to get creative.

My sister has offered us these Hawaiian bathroom accessories that she hasn't found a place for in her own home:

They remind me of a Hawaiian resort. Bath accessories: check. Next, we're continuing our crusade against oak in our house and this cabinet is about the last bit left to stamp out. But it would be way too expensive to replace it, so visions of refinishing are filling my head. Isn't this a lovely idea:

I think this is positively gorgeous, but it's more complex than any re-finishing Mike has done and it wouldn't match the bath accessories. Or how about a more mellow green?

I love this one, too, and it would match the bath accessories. Or, the option Mike is leaning more towards, especially since we could do this one for free, having all the paint we would need already:

This one would also allow us to paint the walls a color, such as a nice green. (It would scare me too much to paint the walls a color if I already had a colorful cabinet.) Of course, our cabinets are fairly simple, so I would make poor, poor Mikey add extra trim to them to have more corners for paint to stick to. What do you think? Which is your favorite color?

Of course, I'm avoiding the obvious questions of how to replace our white vinyl floors for free and our faux marble countertop for free, but I'll think about that tomorrow. For after all, tomorrow is another day!

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Teresa said...

Oooh, that blue is so pretty. Can you pretend it's the tropical ocean? Actually, any of your combinations will be perfect with the bath accessories you have.
Maybe you can just cover the flooring with sand?