Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent Happenings

Sorry I haven't been around so much lately. It's been a busy summer so far! I went to Texas last weekend, where we took millions of pictures of ourselves, ate far too much barbecue and cinnamon rolls, and got to reunite with family. We celebrated the 88th birthday of my grandmother and her twin. Her she is with her twin, along with my dad and his twin and his cousin and her twin (along with their two non-twin siblings).

Here's the "crazy" photo we all took of my family. Apparently, "crazy" to most of them means to smile prettily, while to some others it means to look off into the distance. I personally was trying to look annoyed (at all the photos they were still taking even after I changed into my pajamas). My sister Tara seems to be the only real crazy one in the family.

Mike has been busy with ice cream events at the store. Here is the Glacier booth at Springs Spree with the lovely Aleisha.

Then this week, Mike's brother and his family came to stay with us. We did lots of fun touristy things like going to Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Water World and taking the girls on death marches. I mean hikes. One of the girls said at the end of the week, "I'm glad we don't have mountains in Omaha because dad would probably try to make us hike all the time." I'm glad to have instilled a love for nature in them.

We learned many things in preparation for having our own child by having four children stay with us. 1. I'm going to need to sweep more often. 2. Kids don't consider grapes dessert. 3. I'm going to need to get a second job to feed them. But we also got to experience how fun they are and what excitement and imagination they bring to all things...except death hikes.

And now I'm off to Canada for the week! See you later, hosers.

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nv said...

For some reason I heard the same things from my kids. Now they are taking their own kids on the death marches.They did get less complainy
When they got older. NV