Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outside My Window

I think my sister told me she hated it when I wrote these...or maybe it was my husband. But I'm going to write it nonetheless.

Outside my window: The trees have finally gotten their leaves! The birds are chirping! The deer are getting fuzzy horns! The mountains are soft with the lime green of spring! My heart was so aflutter with spring/summer delight today that I began singing "Wonderful, Wonderful Day" (from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) on our late afternoon hike, even though it's probably the most annoying song ever written.

I am thinking: Thoughts about writing from reading "The Glamour of Grammar" and "The Deer on a Bicycle" and thoughts about women and the Bible from reading "Half the Church."

From the kitchen: Oh golly gee. My eating habits are just embarrassing right now. Hot dog for lunch. Chile relleno for dinner. Bowl of Life cereal for second dinner (which was in fact third bowl of cereal for the day, as first and second breakfast consisted of cereal as well). I'm making sure the baby gets used to all the important things in life in utero.

I am wearing: Leggings, a pregnant girl's best friend. It is finally warm enough in our house (66 degrees the first half of the day) to not be swathed in 5 blankets at a time. And at night, it's a downright balmy 71 degrees, allowing me to go barefoot indoors. The beauty of it all!

I am reading: Finishing up Agatha Christie's Miss Marple short stories, Reading Lolita in Tehran...and see above for the rest.

I am hoping: I don't know. Is it weird not to be hoping for anything? It makes me sound rather unspiritual, but I fear it would be even more unspiritual to make something up in order to sound spiritual.

I am hearing: Myself playing the piano. I started taking lessons from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. (Have I mentioned this?) I have swell memories of singing around the piano with my daddy at home at Christmastime. Since I have a big blue piano in my front room, I thought I ought to justify its presence and pave the way to create future Little Women-esque moments for my baby girl. Right now am I stuttering over "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. They say you should get your baby used to loud noises in utero so she'll be used to them after birth, such as dogs barking and vacuuming. Baby ain't getting used to no vacuum, but she'll sure be used to truly terrible piano playing and breathy singing.

Some of my favorite things: Warm summer nights. Hummingbirds at my feeder. Red rocks at Red Rocks Canyon that make me feel like I live in Moab. Cereal for second dinner.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We're having friends over for dinner Friday night, and since I no longer have anything to prove to the world, I plan on serving a Papa Murphy's pizza. I'll go to a baby shower this weekend while Mike no doubt works himself into the ground on the far-too-many projects he has going currently (running an ice cream store, editing a book, laying a tile floor, getting a roof replaced, refiling our taxes, etc., etc., etc.).

A picture thought for the day: Here is where Mike and I took our hike tonight. Isn't it pretty? I looked just like that girl. But my hair was brown. And my legs were slightly sturdier. And I wasn't laying on no logs.


sarahbri said...

I like when you write these. I like picturing you doing the things you describe :)

Teresa said...

Hi Amber,
Would you mind if I copy this idea on my blog?
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Amber said...

Teresa, Feel free to use it. I copied it from someone else's blog too!