Monday, June 6, 2011

The Crags

The weather in Colorado has gone from March to August in one week. Has anyone else noticed this? Yet, we can't quite enjoy it in Southern Colorado, as the smoke from an Arizona fire has made our fair city look like Mexico City and smell like Port-au-Prince. In fact, as I write this, I'm squinting and coughing from the smoke. (Cough, cough, "Mer-man!" Cough, cough.) I should probably go inside, but I've so missed the warmth!

So Mike and I decided to head into the mountains in the hopes that the smoke hadn't penetrated them...It had. But not quite as badly. We went for one of our favorite hikes, the Crags on Pikes Peak, which is a good way to turn a smoky 90 degree day in town into a less smoky 75 degree day in the mountains.

Here's Mikey on the hike. Notice how there's actually a blue tinge in the sky despite the smoke?

And here's me posing for my 23 1/2 week photo. I have a belly! Yay!

It was nice to get off the ol' kiester, even if my lumbering, ponderous pregnant body hiked the 4 miles in 3 hours, rather than our usual 2. The smoke made everything look bluish and desolate. The bare rocks and dead trees helped.

As we hiked, we discussed all the fun Christmas and holiday family traditions we want to start with Alexandra, along with all the fun hikes we want to bring her along! Which reminds me, we need to get our professional pregnancy photos taken. We're thinking of going for this look. Or maybe this. I think the feather is really us. And don't forget, we need something for our Christmas cards too. What do you think?


barleygreen said...

Oh my! If you send out such and electronic christmas card this year, please put a disclaimer in the subject line.

I like the

Amber said...

Yes, I probably should have put a disclaimer here: Don't click on the last link unless you want your eyes burned out! (Although this is far more tame than many of them, believe me. I have the hollow eye sockets to prove out.)

NV said...

Yup-you do look pregnant. The hike looks fun.
Funny photos!! but we know that at Christmas Alexandra will be almost 3 months and expect a photo of her with her parents.
It has been smoky here in NE CO, orange sun, etc.(good sunsets) Today we woke up with much more blue skies.I hope the air has cleared a bit there. NV

Anonymous said...

Very fun photos of you and Mike. You finally have a bump and in a month it should really pop out. Something for you to look forward to along with the Mom, Dad and big belly photos, ha!

It has been very hazy her too. Today was much better and cooler. Glad you are having fun "expecting."

Tara said...

Ok, so those photos that you linked were awful. I was in peace looking at your post about the Crags until that last section--I made the mistake of clicking on some of the other photos on the site. EEWWW!