Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Happy Memorial Day! I was reading The Pioneer Woman, and I enjoyed this post of photos in honor of Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day weekend will be much different from last year's, with all our tomfoolery. Rather than cruising around Territory Days with the magnanimous Swans, Mike is working a booth at Territory Days. We're selling ice cream sandwiches with our favorite caterer.

Mike will have been gone from 7 am to 8 pm every day of Memorial Day weekend, serving sweaty people in mid-driffs ice cream sandwiches. Not to mention the many hours it took to prepare the weeks leading up to the event. In retrospect, it's way too much work for the payoff. (You have to pay so much for the booth, that it's nearly impossible to make the money back, especially if you're not selling something with ridiculously high profit margins like funnel cakes.) Live and learn. I just feel bad for my sweetheart who has been coming home exhausted every night.

Of course, as with any fun event, Mike likes to start it with a bang, and he nearly cut the tip of his thumb off. This cut (below) continues under his nail all the way to the edge of the nail. The whole tip was nearly bit off by the gate of the truck the ice cream cart was loaded into.

Is it just me, or do things like this often happen to my lovely hubby? I would like to be a sympathetic, sweet wife, but I had to ask him to please stop telling me about it, before his in-depth, vibrant cutting details made me puke.

I myself have not been working hard and cutting off fingers, but galavanting about, having fun, though not nearly as much fun without Mike. Happy Memorial Day to you!


barleygreen said...

Perhaps it will be good for enhanced word of mouth marketing.

sarahbri said...

EXCUSE ME. But you were NOT wandering around Territory Days by yourselves last year.

Amber said...

I said, "ourselves" not "by ourselves." Besides, didn't you see how I linked to last year's festivities?

sarahbri said...

No, I didn't, because "this post" and "last year" take me to the same thing - the blog of photos in honor of Memorial Day. And I guess I can see your point with "ourselves", but you have to admit that most people would probably read that as you guys being by yourselves. Come on, writer.

Amber said...

OK, I fixed it so that everyone will know exactly whom we were with last year. :)