Thursday, May 19, 2011


I don't have much to say these days, but since Liz asked me to "entertain her" and you can't so no to a pregnant lady (or so I'm trying to convince my husband) I'll make something up.

The big question around the Van Schooneveld household these days is: What will our baby girl, Mamber, look like? I'm hoping she's cute. I think we have pretty good odds.

(Interjection of funny Mike quote: At small group a couple of months ago, Mike was talking to an expecting couple, one of them a blue-eyed redhead and the other a Mexican, and said, "Your baby has a really good chance of being cute." Noticing the other expecting couple in the room, he then added, "You guys probably won't do too bad either." Oh, Mike.)

My sisters both looked like cherubs as infants. With huge blue eyes and curly dark hair and chubby cheeks, they looked like Elizabeth Taylor baby models. I was cute too, but maybe not quite as dramatically adorable as they were.

Mike was a self proclaimed "pretty" boy. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and a nice thin nose. (I'm hoping the baby gets his nose.) I would scan a picture of him for you to see, but that would involve walking up the stairs, which is more than I can muster right now.

But I can make it up to you with an adorable photo of moi.

I make no claims that my good looks extended beyond age 3, but you have to admit, I was a pretty cute toddler.

Having given this much thought, Mike and I have decided that our baby's features would be best divided thus:
-Amber's eye shape
-Mike's eye color
-Amber's lips
-Mike's nose
-the hair is a toss up

Therefore, I project (thanks to the incredible technology of Morph Thing) our baby will look like this:

Mamber Van Schooneveld I


Candace said...

Amber, your little girl will be astounding in every way--guaranteed.

sarahbri said...

Well, she's "not to bad either" ;-)

I can't wait to meet your little girl. I'm quite sure she'll be pretty. She has good genes to work with. And if she's not, she'll most likely be smart and precocious, so maybe that will make up for it.

nv said...

I was completely suprised by the looks of my children. Nothing I could have postulated. However, I can say that your children will look like their siblings, mostly i f you have more.
To see the parents relections in the baby, only the grandparents can see that, though I am not very good at that. It will be interestiog who it takes after, and actually, it may be the grandparents. I saw a picture of Craig's Dad's mother and krista really looks like her the most-not anyone else-except her cousins-or aunt's on the Van side.(Mike and Trevor looked alike as babies and Krista did not look like them at all.)

Tara said...

I think your child will be wonderful no matter what! Plus, I promise to buy her gorgeous outfits to go with her gorgeous eyes:)

sarahbri said...

NV is right - I could never have guessed Em would look like he does (except I did bet he would have chubby cheeks). I never would have guessed blue eyes and sandy hair. And it turns out he looks most like Trav's dad. I still maintain that I bet she'll be adorable.

barleygreen said...

Looks like an Alessandra.