Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glacier Update

I thought I'd give a little Glacier update. We were recently reviewed in the Colorado Springs Independent...in an article about frozen yogurt. :) Gotta love that. There are new frogurt places popping up all over the place, so I'm so glad they gave us a review too. Check it out here.

April has been one of the harder months so far. While March was unseasonably warm, April was unseasonably cold. Lots of snow and clouds. So it was a slower month, but we're hoping May will pick up with some nice warm weather. We ran into various other troubles (gelato case was down for several weeks, our ice cream maker hurt his back, etc. etc.). But as always, Mike handled the stress like a pro. It always makes me proud to see how well he deals with completely new and flabbergasting experiences.

Mike has been filling in as our ice cream chef. Recently he's made a couple of new flavors including cotton candy ice cream, Vermont maple honey gelato and grape gelato. With May begins the (hopefully) busy season for us, so Mike will become busier and busier. We are still amazingly blessed with all the opportunities we have coming our way!

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Anonymous said...

"Michael Van Schooneveld's creamery franchise has enjoyed success so far, locking up a dessert contract with Concept Restaurants and winning bronze in our annual Best Of competition after only two months in operation."
Congratulations! I love your store!! This is article is fun to read.