Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dresser Redo

Mike and I have both had bursts of energy, so we've been working hard on all our home projects. First, Mike finished up our dresser redo. I had painted this dresser blue out of boredom at one point in my life, not really thinking about the consequences. But now that this dresser will serve as our changing table, I wanted to make it stick out a little less. Here's old blue.

Mike sanded it down, then found some paint from projects of years' past and painted it a neutral biege. Then he antiqued it with a liquid gel, and speckled it with some walnut stain we had lying around.

Last, I wanted to make this dresser look like it sort of belonged in the same room as this furniture, so we bought some rubbed bronze hardware to replace the silver. And voila!

Much less of an eyesore. And speaking of eyesores, we started work on this eyesore of a room.

First, we had to make room for more storage, so in a flurry of activity, I filled 3 large black garbage bags with items for the Goodwill from my closet. I said goodbye to a lot of good clothes. Someone will be happy at the Goodwill. Now our closets are in company order, and it feels so nice.

Next, we cleaned out the bathroom. We had to buy another storage bin and clear out room in the garage, but we did it. And now the bathroom looks slightly less heinous.

But still pretty bad. We went to Home Depot last night and got everything we need to redo this bathroom. We figured out that with the difficulty/price of trying to find new cabinet doors and a new top (ours is stained with paint), we'd be better off buying a new one, so we got a new vanity, water saving toilet and beautiful slate for the floors. Most people probably wouldn't put slate in a kid's bathroom. But we're not most people. I can't wait for us, ahem, Mike, to get started!


Mike said...

Two items of note:
1. I painted the dresser blue, and it took me forever! That was before I discovered Aura paint.
2. The top of the dresser was in terrible condition. You can't see it in this picture, but it was badly scratched all over and looked really bad.

Leia Brown said...

The dresser looks beautiful!

Tara said...

I love it all!! Do you work for origami stars? If so, I can pay you quite a bit:)

NV said...

Looks great. What is Aura paaint?
Did you sand off all the paint, ot use some paint stripper? NV