Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canadians in Colorado and a Mother's Day Tea

This week, two of my coworkers were here from Canada, so I got to go to various meetings with them. Although I loved getting to visit my friends at Compassion, I was also reminded of how much I love working at home. (I had to get dressed four days in a row! Sheesh!) On Thursday, I got to take them to see some of our sites here. First we went to Garden of the Gods. That's my boss Adam on the left and fellow writer/editor Aaron on the right.

We went to Manitou for lunch (Adam's Mountain Cafe) and walked about the town and sampled some healing spring water. Adam enjoyed seeing our "real" hippies who live in a commune and play drums on street corners, rather than their wannabe hippies.

I drove them up Lower Gold Camp Road to get a better view of the mountains, and we wound around to Helen Hunt Falls (named after the writer, not the actress). Probably not spectacular falls if you live next to Niagara Falls, as they do, but still pretty.

It was nice to see my coworkers to get a little socialization, so I don't start biting people and misbehaving in public for lack of practice.

Today, my sisters and I threw a Mother's Day Tea at my house. (My mom was in Hawaii last week.) Here's a pic of my beautiful mom and her three daughters. (And this can stand in for my 20 week picture; I feel the need to say this to justify how chubba-wubba I feel I look in this picture.)

We also got to have my grandmother with us.

And my wonderful Aunt Cin was there too, but alas I didn't get pictures of her on my camera. My creative sister Chris made menus for the tea.

I got to use some of my china and this cute little teapot Mike's grandparents got in Japan (I think).

And Mike's grandparents silver tea set.

Our first course was tea sandwiches, and our second was fruit and scones.

And for dessert, we had these beautiful "homemade" mango tarts from Chris.

And this beautiful "homemade" cake from Tara.

And to finish, Tara and Chris did all the dishes, which was the perfect ending.

Happy Mother's Day to these lovely women in my life!


Anonymous said...

Oh! My hair looks totally stupid, but what a fun day!

Anonymous said...

We all had so much fun! The photos are great and show all the china and silver and great food. What a special day! Thank you!!!