Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Is It You'd Say You Do Here?

Name that quote!

So sometimes people ask me what it is I do in my new job, and if it's different from what I did in my last job. And I'm here to tell you! Not that you care. But maybe my mommy does. So, mommy, here goes:

(Note for the technologically challenged: There are hyperlinks throughout this post, but they're hard to see unless you have eagle vision. Just hover your cursor over the text and you should see them.)

I write or edit stories for the web site that promotes Compassion's Complementary Interventions, like this story about a farmer who was helped out of debt with a microloan.

I write or edit stories for this web site about the impact of our programs, like this one about three different graduates from our sponsorship program in Ethiopia.

I write or edit stories for the print magazine.

I take reports from our field about various projects donors are funding and turn them into something to send to the donors. Like this one, which was adapted from a 39-page engineering report. It's not exactly riveting reading.

I sometimes interview people for stories. Here's a short little piece I just wrote. An 84-year-old great grandmother and her son went on a sponsor trip and wanted to share their story, so I interviewed them and wrote it up for the blog.

I also wrote this one day, but this is a small part of my job.

I write the prayers of the day. (This actually takes me a long time, finding all those verses.)

I write/edit progress reports from our Child Survival Programs for the donors who support them. (Sorry, I don't have any online examples of those.)

I write other random stuff for whoever asks (like letters or press releases). I read marketing books that make me dislike marketers.

And that's what I'd say I do here.


Elizabeth M. said...

Amber, that is so cool that you outlined your job for us all to see! Very interestin; thanks for making that real for us!

nv said...

I can only say Wow, what amazing work you do, and what a heart for the people. NV

Steph said...

Office Space! So hilarious...haven't watched it in awhile:).