Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moab Days 5 & 6

Saturday was our last full day in Moab. After not doing much on Friday, we were ready for a nice full day, but then the spring pollens hit. Moab is rife with scrub brush, which Mike is most allergic to, so he woke up Saturday morning with one eye swollen shut.

He medicated himself, and we thought we could make it on a jaunt to Canyonlands National Park. But we didn't make it far before we needed to head back to town to pump him even more full of drugs. (If you look closely at this photo, you can see that Mike's right eye is swollen shut.)

So we spent the rest of the afternoon napping on our bottom bunk bed. On past trips, our low activity level would have probably frustrated me, as I'd be itching to get out, but pregnancy made me pretty mellow this trip. We were able to at least make it to our dinner that night at Red Cliffs Lodge on the Colorado River. I have such great memories of this place from dinner 5 years ago with some girlfriends and dinner 2 years ago with my family. It has an amazing view of Fisher Towers (which we are blocking in this photo).

Today we woke up to rain in Moab, so we headed out early to go home. Rain turned to sleet in Grand Junction and to snow in Glenwood Springs. It got worse and worse, and they closed I-70 before Vail Pass. We tried taking the highway down to Leadville, but it was just too bad. So we stopped in Avon for the night with Mike's parents, who also couldn't get through.

We got rooms at the Westin Hotel on the cheap, which are super nice. We had to wait about 2 hours before our rooms were ready (because there are so many stranded people), so we took a nice walk up the Eagle River, enjoyed a ride up the gondola, and stood around the fire pit in the courtyard. And now, we've been enjoying a night of feeling like we're on vacation at a ski resort, sitting on the plushy bed, wearing the plushy robes and sitting in the hot tub overlooking the river.


Tara said...

Poor Mike!! Those darn plants!! I am glad you are safe off of the roads!! It is like a bonus vacation for you!

Elizabeth M. said...

That stinks about Mike's allergies. Poor guy, and sad that it rained too, but probably good you took it easy : ) A couple years ago we got stranded up in the mtns when the highway was closed and had to spend the night along with a few other hundred people in a I am SUPER thankful you are in a cushy hotel. I think the floor would have been hard on a pregnant gal :) In the future, if it snows, I plan to book a hotel room, just in case. Glad you had a REAL vacation!