Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making Progress

We, by which I mean Mike, has been working very hard on the baby room. Our room no longer has to have a closed door, because what did look like this:

Now looks like this:

Ah, much better. He painted the room Windchime (Benjamin Moore) and replaced all the trim with white trim. Here it is in the opposite direction, below. He also replaced the closet and entry doors. The doors only cost about $25 at Lowes and make such a difference. I love how now when you look from this room into the hall and into our bedroom, you see lovely white trim and colors instead of dark oak.

Mike also refinished the hardware on the dresser. The brass was looking very banged up, and I just don't like brass. We didn't want to pay for new hardware, so he painted them with a bronze tone enamel we had leftover from another project, and then glazed it with copper paint leftover from our kitchen table. So what looked like this:

Now looks like this:

What do you think? I think the brass matches oak better, but I wanted to modernize it a bit and have the hardware match the doorknob and fixtures.

Mike also used fancy trim, kind of like a mini-crosshead, on top of the closet and door. I like the grander feel and height it gives the room. Here it is being modeled by Edwin the Sock Monkey.

Candace found Edwin the Sock Monkey galavanting about Estes Park and decided to bring him home to live with us.

And the baby room saga will be continued once Mike regains some of the energy he has spent!


nv said...

It looks really good. I really like how the new color of the hardware accents the furniture. NV

Krista said...

It looks great! What color is your crib going to be? Are you going to use that lower dresser as a changing table? The trim is such a great touch. I look forward to following the progress.

Amber said...

We'll get a crib in a honey/oak color to match the furniture and we are going to use the shorter dresser as a changing table. We are hopefully going to refinish it to complement the other furniture better.

Elizabeth M. said...

I really love it so far! The color and molding are sweet!!! And I love seeing Mike's old dresser revamped! You are so creative :) I love the monkey....and everything(since I used "love" three times already). I can't wait to see the Gollum on Safari theme? A Gollum mural with an Oliphant??:)