Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Closed Door Rooms

Now that I'm in my second trimester, there's nothing too exciting to report about pregnancy, other than the odd bodily quirk. (For example, last week my nose swelled up externally for no apparent reason.) So, to concentrate our baby excitement, we are working on the baby room! After we worked so hard on our master bedroom (which we're still not finished with), we were hoping for a bit more of a break between projects, but c'est la vie.

So the rooms that have been our closed door rooms, never to be opened in polite company, now must be opened to the light of day. So here is the closed door bedroom:

As you can see, it is our storage room where we put everything we don't know what to do with. When we first moved in, there was a lovely teddy bear and horsey wallpaper border, which was promptly removed. We also removed all the baseboards, so now the room sits waiting to be decluttered, painted and trimmed.

We decided to have a Loving Giraffe Family, at least for our bedset. We can complement it with our various mementos of family safaris. We're going for a fun, jungly adventure kind of room.

And then there's the bathroom.

Mike thinks we can delay the finishing of this room, but then where would I bathe the cute little thing? So our bathtub must go from storage bin to actual working tub and we're going to have to turn the water back on. We also had removed the doors to the cabinets to practice staining on (for our kitchen project), so now we'll have to find some alternate cabinet doors.

Just looking at these photos gives me a headache, but I suppose I must say: Let the work begin!


Elizabeth M. said...

Yay!!! The second trimester can be pretty mellow and....boring...waiting for the bundle of joy to appear, so planning the baby room is the perfect distraction!!! I love that you will have a place for all your safari gear :)

Anonymous said...

From the link, it looks like the Safari Giraffe is out of stock. You could start sewing?

Amber said...

The bed set is out of stock on Amazon, but we already ordered our set elsewhere.

Elizabeth M. said...

Also, I can't believe you have such a pristine home, but your bathroom looks like that!! Ha! I love it! You are able to compartmentalize and it doesn't haunt you....it wouldn't haunt me either if I had such a dazzling bedroom and kitchen...and a blue piano!

Amber said...

Liz, it probably would have driven me crazy in my past life. But in our apartments, we never had enough storage and always used the extra shower as storage. I believe that's when my unraveling took place!