Friday, April 29, 2011

18 Weeks

I posted a picture a couple weeks ago of me at 15 weeks. Now I'm at 18 weeks, the beginning of the fifth month! There's still not much action on the belly front, but I'll post it anyway.

What I should have taken was a before shot to prove that I really do look different. My belly is at least 3 inches further out...which might not sound like a lot on someone else, but when it's you, it sure feels like a lot!

I put this outfit on first thing this morning to make my chances of working out slightly higher today (so I wouldn't have to use energy later to change. How sad is that?). I've been failing on that front the last two weeks, but I'm determined to get up off the couch!

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Elizabeth M. said...

I LOOOVE pregnant Amber pictures! Your tum is so cute and I am sure there is quite the difference bc you are such a skinny mini. I think I look the same as you at 10 weeks right now!