Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, the Places We've Been

Reading through my posts of Christmas past, I found this one from last year and this one from the year before. How lovely to look back and remember our good times. This year was a busy one, so we haven't seen as many new places, but here is a summary of the places we've been and the things we've done in 2010.

January: My live-in contractor, i.e. Mike, re-did our bannisters from boring oak to pizazz black.

But we still had a little time to explore local treasures like Garden of the Gods quite often.

February: We made a public spectacle of ourselves as Liesl and Kurt in order to raise money for a good cause.

And took our annual Valentine's Day trip to Estes, where we snowshoed to the base of Hallett's.

March: We put the finishing touches on the kitchen re-do and spent much time perched precariously on a ladder.

April: I visited the Philippines.
And saw both sides of life.

Then visited the at-once ultra modern and ultra ancient South Korea.
May: We taste tested local places in preparation for the store and explored Red Rocks Canyon with my parents. Mike grew as tall as dad.

We took day hikes, like the Crags with the Raymonds.

June: June was a busy month preparing for our grand opening, so we satisfied ourselves with walks in our backyard.
While Mike squeezed in a trip to see his siblings and their offspring in Estes Park.
July: We opened an ice cream store. Isn't that weird? It's surreal to type it. But we still took time to enjoy ourselves, like a hike at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, followed by a picnic under Norad.
And a short bike trip to Buena Vista.

And a long bike trip in Summit County.

August: Mike worked hard at the store.

And we visited Breckenridge for a weekend with my family.
September: I went to China and got amazingly sweaty and rafted the Li River. Almost as weird as opening an ice cream shop.

And Mike and I enjoyed the colors on Independence Pass near Aspen together.

October: I went to Rwanda and marveled at the volcanoes and the cleanliness.
November: We celebrated Thanksgiving in Buena Vista.

December: I went to Canada, eh. (Sorry, no pictures.)
This was the most travelingest, most craziest year of my life, but I'm so thankful to God for my husband, my family, my job, and all the opportunities we have been given!


Aaron said...

There's only no photos because of the Canada trip because we're afraid the magic boxes will steal our souls or something.

Nice to finally officially meet you this week, by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like "It's a Wonderful Life." Thanks for sharing the year with us.
R & G

emily said...

I love your year in review, but one question lingers - Why is your pot-rack so dang high? Are the pots just decorative? Or do you actually go get the ten-foot ladder every time you make an omelet?

P.S. You are bookmarked. Expect more witty remarks from me in the future :)

Anonymous said...

I can comment to Emily-it only looks high and is Not decorative.
So much has happened in the the past 3 years for you both and there you are having a great time together through it all.

Amber said...

Aaron, it was nice to meet you all too, finally!

Emily, it must be trick photography in the kitchen photo - the rack isn't all that high. Just perfect for two 5'6" people to grab a pot without banging their heads.

emily said...