Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life After College

I graduated from college exactly 10 years ago, in December 2000. (I had to add an extra semester to fit in all my fun but useless language courses.) You know how there were some kids in high school who you thought would have a rude awakening after high school - because they were so absorbed by high school life? That was me. But with college.

I loved college. I wanted to stay forever. Although in high school I was shy and was often asked, "Do you ever talk?", in college, I came into my own. No one knew I was the girl who never talked, so I was free to be who I wanted to be. I carved out my identity. I learned that I love deep friendships. I learned to study and love the Bible. I learned that I love to have fun.

After I graduated, I couldn't quite believe that I was supposed to now wake up at a set time every morning, put on adult clothes and go work for someone else every day for the rest of my life. It was a rude awakening. But I have since found that there is, indeed, life after college. The group of friends and experiences that once loomed so huge in my life are now distant memories. It's sad in some ways and beautiful in another. Each stage of life is exciting and new, and though there are some times I would prefer to skip, I have relished each passing year God has given me.

Nonetheless, I love to look back and remember the beautiful friendships and experiences I had in college and how they shaped me into who I am today.

Like Katy and James and Daryl and watching fireworks in Loveland Park.
Like our many Valentine's Day galas and learning what love is.
Like retreats to Missouri and Estes Park and Winter Park.
And dressing like a cow and scaring off small children in the 4th of July parade.
Hanging out with these people in small group.
And wearing lots of overalls and flannels.
Working in the kitchen at the Estes Park YMCA, being a Dish Dawg with James and a Walnut Girl on the side.
Attending Alan Jackson concerts in Wyoming.
And hockey games at CSU.
Getting baptized in an ice cold lake on top of Grey Rock.
And pulling lots of pranks...and cleaning up after them.
Pretending to like rock climbing to impress boys.
Going on mission trips to exotic places like Iowa, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Italy, where I ate my first gelato and drank my first wine. (Still love gelato. Still hate wine.)
Going to Water World in the summers.
And going to 80's parties to kiss posters of Kirk Cameron.

To all of you who made my life so rich in college, thank you for the memories.


Elizabeth M. said...

I love seeing those pictures! I loved college too, and a lot of days, wish I could go back :) but it is good to move on, and press forward, and still look back and remember the "good ole days"! Love you, Amber. You are fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow-didn't know you had to hike to the top of Greyrock for your baptism. No cold Poudre river for you. NV

Anonymous said...

Looks like good times!

Ric Sieben said...

I like how all the pictures are so old that they're black and white. :-)

Amber said...

Ric, I went to college so long ago we didn't even have TVs. Or cars. Or color photography.