Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Bongos

Watching the iPhone bongos yesterday reminded me that I never uploaded my Rwandan dancing and drumming videos. So although they're not Christmas-y, I hope you (Mom) enjoy my videos!

For a treat, Phoebe arranged a dinner for us at our hotel with traditional Rwandan dancing. It was fun to watch it with an audience of Africans. Here's how they started their show with drumming.


And here are the very fun warrior headbangers.


Here were two of my favorite dancers. They were our waiters all week and were very nice guys.


And lastly, here's an African children's choir singing a praise song to make this post relate to Christmas in some small way. Now that's how you play the bongos!


Julian said...

I love the harmony of the African Children's Choir . . . very fun! Makes me want to experience Africa.

Angela said...

Love it! These are kids that I worked with...and I was the one that talked to Michael before he decided to ask them to be on his next album :) Thanks for sharing this Amber...