Saturday, December 4, 2010

The 8th Annual Amber and Michael Vanny Christmas Tree

Update: Since this post was written, our tree came crashing to the ground. All my prettiest, most delicate ornaments, which were naturally on the front, were smashed. They looked oddly beautiful laying smashed on the ground.

I just read through all my Christmas posts past. What a fun way to remember our beautiful life! Mike has been a busy ice cream man, decorating the store for Christmas. It's so cozy now and you can eat gelato by the fireplace! We did muster enough energy to get a tree for our home, which we got from our favorite nursery.

We got the same kind of tree we got last year, a white pine, which is now my favorite. And it happens to be the cheapest kind, although I love its feathery needles. Last night we watched Elf ("Make work your favorite."), today I bought buckets of presents, and I'm so excited for all the wonder of December.

Merry Christmas!


Tara said...

Your tree is gorgeous! It looks so wonderful in your living room!

Anonymous said...

You tree looked beautiful and I do want to see the "new" tree also. NV

barleygreen said...

When we had ferrets, they would climb and play in the tree tipping it over on more than one occasion. We ended up installing a sturdy plant hook in the ceiling and a wire to help keep it upright.