Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rwanda Day Three

This morning, I woke to The Great Flying Termite Massacre. The night before, a number of bugs with 2-inch wingspans were flapping about. This morning, as I left my room, there were hundreds of bug carcasses. Really, hundreds.

At breakfast, Silas told me they were African termites. I didn't know termites even had wings. Silas says they are a nice juicy snack. He also says they come out occasionally to mate, then die. I was the lucky witness of this. But because this place is cleaner than Disneyland, they were soon swept up.

During our training today, we focused on photography. Here are Rosette (Rwanda), Rufus (Bangladesh), Tigist (Ethiopia), and Charles (Tanzania) doing a photo exercise.
And Carol (Uganda), Vera (Ghana), David (Bangladesh), and Silas (Kenya).
I wandered out and did a photo shoot with the cranes. I love how the flowers perfectly matched their red markings.

The cranes kept ruffling their feathers and poofing up their wings to tell me to back on up. The various Rwandans standing around looked at me funny. I guess I'd feel the same way if I saw them cooing at pigeons.
Nearby, there is a co-op where they sell goods made by local women. I loved this bowl so much I bought it for myself. Do you like it, Mikey? I thought it could go on the gate table in our front room.
Here are two more that Kristin bought. I love the middle's colors. These smaller ones are about $8, and my bigger one was $13. I see that Macy's sells handmade Rwandan baskets for much higher prices. Their smaller ones go for $46, and the bigger ones are $60. I love a bargain. Let me know if you want one for Christmas. :)


Aubergine said...

It is fun to see the photos of your associates from all over. Too bad those carcasses were swept up before you could try a Rwandan treat.

Aubergine said...

I would like a basket. You know the colors I like so you pick and surprise me. The smaller size would probably be good.

Tara said...

I would like a small basket. One that has darker colors and less white . . pick it to match either my bedroom or the livingroom with the turquoise colors (darker turquoise or purples.) Be my Stacey London!