Monday, October 11, 2010

The Land of a Thousand Hills

I'm once again about to be off. I fly out Friday to the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda. I will be doing the same training I did in Asia in Africa, with all of our African communication specialists. I can't wait to meet everybody and experience the culture.

The first night (Saturday), I'll stay here in Kigali, the capital. Then once everyone has arrived, we'll drive an hour north to a hotel in Musanze. We'll be right next to Volcanoes Nat'l Park, where the gorillas are! Sadly, I won't be seeing the gorillas. But I'm excited to relax in the beautiful mountains.

After the training is over, I had to stay an extra night because of how the flights were arranged, so I'll be visiting Lake Kivu, one of the great lakes of Africa. Here's where I'll be.

See you later!

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Anonymous said...

I looked up Rawanda on google maps and I can see why it is a land of a thousand hills. It looks very interesting. NV