Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Kung Fu Panda. We only had a dull black eyeliner pencil, though, so he looked more like Kung Fu Menace than Kung Fu Panda.
Evil Sister. Good Sister. I'm still trying to part with my wedding dress for Rwanda. This was part of my catharsis.
Tara's apple didn't fall too far from mom's tree.
It's a wonder I turned out so well.
Here's Demon Dog with Golfer Guy setting out to Trick or Treat.
And Superdog and Snow White setting out.


barleygreen said...

Aww, you look just like a cartoon princess.

Tara said...

You and Mike looked great!! I think you were the princess that was kidnapped by Kung Fu Panda!

Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

Way to fit into that wedding dress! You look lovely. Most people don't have to worry about their dress being too big (except for maybe shotgun wedding brides), but I guess you just had to be different. Seeing how nice you looked in it made me want to see you in it more.

Krista said...

I finally got a chance to show the kids your Halloween pictures. They loved Uncle Michael's costume. That is one of their favorite movies.

Of course Haylie knew right away who Tara was (as did the boys-the beauty of having a sister). She decided you must be Princess Aurora in your wedding gown getting ready to marry Prince Phillip.

They all loved the dog costumes too. Looks like you guys had fun!