Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flying the Wine-Dark Sea

I lay in Rwanda, under a mosquito net, which makes me feel oddly like a princess. Outside I hear beeping cars and tropical birds. A group of men just passed on the street singing and clapping to a tribal-sounding song. I have no idea why a group of men would sing and clap at 7 a.m., but it is nice.

It took me 24 hours to get here. I flew to Chicago, where I ate my weight in gyro meat before jumping on the next plane to Brussels. On this flight, I watched Toy Story 3 again and cried again at the Mount Doom-esque ending. I sat by a Belgian man of Arabic descent who told me crazy stories like how George Bush Sr. had given him his bomber jacket and the president of UAE had given him his watch. I feigned sleep much of the time.

In Brussels, we only had time to run to our next flight, so I didn't get to hunt for chocolate or waffles in the airport. On the flight, they gave us Camembert with our dinner. This is my kind of country. Dessert was chocolate ice cream. I sat by a Rwandan man who is in the mining industry and travels to Italy to buy technology. Or something like that. I have both the Rwandan and the Belgians business cards in case I ever want to return on a leisure trip.

Phoebe picked us up at the airport. She is American, but has been living in Kigali for three years. She wound her way through Kigali traffic like a pro. Very impressive.

Our hotel is nice, though internet was down last night, so I couldn't tell my hubby I'm alive. But I am alive and excited for what this week will bring!

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aubergine said...

It's so good to hear that you had a good flight and all your connections worked well. Kigali and the mosquito net bed sound enchanting (as long as there are no real mosquitos around . . . ha, ha.) You will have to describe Kigali later so we have an image in mind. Have a great day!