Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chinese Mazungus and Blonde Headbangers

Day four was our photography practice day - a chance for the communication specialists to try out all we learned the previous day. We headed to a nearby Compassion center and took pictures of kids playing. This boy was the cutest thing.
Silas and I went on a home visit. I have gotten used to the cries of "Muzungu" (big whitey), that greet you in Africa as you walk down the street. But today I experienced something different. Children started calling out "Muzungu, Muzungu," then switched to something like, "Sheen! Sheen!" My trusty translator informed me that they thought I was Chinese. I guess my time in Yangshuo rubbed off.

We went to the watering hole where the family draws water and washes. I got mobbed.
But it was sublime. Wouldn't it be nice if I spent my days splashing in the river in the jungle? You could never be stressed out. Here are two short videos for you. The longest I can upload with this connection.


Although there are still problems, despite the Tarzan-esque water hole. We visited a family whose father died in the genocide. The daughter who is registered in Compassion has heart problems (it sounded like congenital heart disease to me, but it's hard to say with translation). She is getting treatment through Compassion. The oldest daughter had a baby who is severely disabled. He is one year and seven months old and can't sit up or speak. They named him the Kinyarwandan for "Trust in God."
I ate a huge African donut instead of lunch or dinner, because it's me we're talking about here. I'm not a big fan of the food, so I'm primarily living on African tea (which is whole milk with sugar, mind you), and more African tea. I couldn't resist a picture of me with a donut in Rwanda with a Bengali.
Phoebe had a surprise for us tonight, which was a traditional Rwandan dance performance. It was outstanding. I have tons of video, but can't upload it. I loved the drums. They made your heart pound. And man, can they dance. MTV has nothing on them.

They did balance-baskets-on-your-head dances.
They did blonde-warrior head banging. It was some serious head banging. Wayne's World also has nothing on them.And they did the obligatory laugh-at-the-muzungu dance.
It was an amazing experience. Can't wait to see what day five brings.


Anonymous said...

Loved today's blog and all the photos. Can't wait to see the videos of the dancing.

Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

Great photos and video. Looks like a realy fun day.

Aubergine said...

I entered a previous comment, but it never appeared so here goes again.

Yes, a small basket for me. You choose the colors and surprise me. You know the colors I like. I liked the basket you chose for yourself.

Also, Tara would like a small basket to match either her bedroom (purples) or her living room (turquoise) and she would like a basket with less white.

Have a fabulous day! We are anxious to see the videos!
Love you!