Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Review and Island Reveal

This weekend was such a glorious Colorado spring weekend. There was a fresh layer of snow, but it was warm and blue outside. We walked about at Garden of the Gods and OCC, then biked around our neighborhood on Sunday. Our neighborhood is not for wimps like us. There's no easy bike ride around here, so we jumped into training for the Courage Classic in the deep end. (Meaning straight up.)
We enjoyed looking at Foxy Loxy playing in our backyard this weekend, and I discovered that we have a weasel living near the stream by our house. We also got to bike through a herd of 14 deer on our ride today. We love our neighborhood.
Then Mike finished our island! Isn't he just the handiest, bestest, master of the world (or our kitchen) that you know? OK, remember this is what it looked like before. And here is what it looks like now.
We used our old bathroom cabinet and leftover kitchen tile, hardware, plywood, backerboard, paint and stain. So all we had to buy were the columns and wood trim. Here's the backside.
And now the little column we installed next to our dishwasher has a big brother.
So...what do you think? I'm feeling the need for affirmation (Mom), so if you like it, please let me know. But if you hate it, please don't let me know.


Aubergine said...

It's beautiful and you even have extra cupboard space now! Very creative and functional so all that work was worth it. Makes me want to roll a pie crust out on the island for a lemon meringue pie. You and Mike need to go on "Design on a Dime." Your fox is so cute. Ours looks kind of crazy with a face that looks kind of like an owl . . . I'm serious! Oh, maybe it is an owl.

sarahbri said...

Love it Am!

Elizabeth Messer said...


Krista said...

It looks incredible! Josh just said you have the most beautiful kitchen in the world.

Anonymous said...

I love the island--it does look great and whichever program the first person was mentioning-I agree!!! BUT- I love the pic of the fox that visits you so often. I am jealous of your wildlife. NV

Jamie said...

Hi. I found your blog because I'm trying to do something similar. Change bath vanity to island. Can you tell me what trim you used and where you got your columns from. It looks GREAT! Thank you!