Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mom, Look at My New Chairs

I know that most of you probably don't care if I bought new chairs. But my mommy does, so this is for her. Plus, I need style advice. Look! We got chairs for the great emptiness that was our front room! They were on clearance at American Furtniture Warehouse. So I created this cozy little reading corner in our front room. The chairs were a good mix of comfort, style, and price, so we went for them. I can just see myself with a glass of port, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and some impressively intellectual book. OK, this lighting is terrible, but here is what is now our front room. I'm not sure it feels like a unified whole. It does feel like: here is one blue piece of furniture, here is one green piece of furniture, and here is some red furniture. At least my painting pulls it all together.
So, style question: Do we like the red pillows that I pulled out of the closet, or is it not quite right with the blue and green? Hey, do you see that little African thinking man sculpture on the right? It's now my most favorite decor, a gift of a coworker in Burkina Faso.

Style question number 2: I don't like our gate leg table here, because it seems too crowded to me, but Mike likes it, because it makes the banquette a fun place to sit and eat cereal (which is true). What do you think?

Now for a sneak preview of our island. We got the columns attached and now just need to tile it and add the wood trim siding...I really hope it doesn't just look like I plopped an old bathroom cabinet in the kitchen (which is what I did).


Anonymous said...

I do like the red pillows and how great to have some chairs there-I really like them. You could always fold down one side of that table so you only have a half a table. The island looks great! N.

Tara said...

I love your new chairs. It all looks amazing--especially the island!!

Anonymous said...

The reading corner looks very cozy. I have a vintage copy of Anthony Adverse whenever you need it. With your large front window, it will be a good place to sit and look outside in winter and summer! The chairs look great. You're right about the painting, it pulls everything together. Keep the red pillows and change to green or blue when you need a fresh look. The red ones look good with the screen. The island looks great. It adds a lot to the kitchen . . . don't eat those apples because they look really good there :). It's amazing that you and Mike have transformed your very nice home to spectacular!