Friday, March 12, 2010

Discontinued and Translated

Several years ago, I had the audacious idea to propose a book to a publisher. Audacious because what were the chances that I, unknown youngin' that I was, would even be considered in a sea of unpublished writers, all just foaming at the mouth?

But I had an unfair advantage, an inside ear on the marketing department, and so I proposed a book I knew they'd want (is that a little like insider trading?). My book was published and it still makes me feel like Anne Bradstreet, but with more cause to blush.

My little book had a fun couple of years, but now it has been discontinued. I never had any illusions of great success for this book, but it does feel a little bit like your kid being kicked out of school. You can now buy it for 80% off, so act now. It was awful fun to write and I did get to go on a local morning show to demonstrate cooking, just like Bobby Flay, so it was all worth it.

The next week after I got this news, I got the news that Hope Lives had been translated into Dutch! Isn't that vierd? It even has its own little web page. Compassion Netherlands wanted to use it as an advocacy tool in the Netherlands, so they found a publisher and got it translated. So I guess these are the ups and downs of an author's life.


Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

Dat is so supa-cool! You ah on de fronting of such awesome happenings. Amber Schooneveld Hot Hot Hot!!!

Elizabeth Messer said...

How can they do that Amber! Ugh! I am so mad! Maybe instead they should promote it more! Well, at least I own it. Cool about Hope Lives, though. Very cool. You are hot hot hot.

Tara said...

That is so great and sad all at once! I still think about my favorite book--the Patchwork Fish Tale and how it is out of print yet it would still be perfect for so many kids. Maybe in a few years people will be going on to e-bay and Alibris trying to bid on your 'classic' because they all still want their own copy!