Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bliss of Organization

Guess what - I just passed my two-year anniversary of blogging! And how have I managed to fill two full years with words? Well, I have really low standards. Like today...Organization is on my mind. (Titillating.) Oh, but organization is so blissful.

Since Mike finished the island, we were officially able to hang the pot rack Mike got me for Christmas. This was an extremely tricky feat. The only problem is that if you take one pot off, the whole thing sways like the sea. Through scientific testing, Mike also determined that if you flail and fling yourself madly at the pots at a particular angle while wearing heels, you might just bump your forehead on a spatula. So watch out for that.

Nonetheless, it's there and it's pretty. It makes me feel like a real cook. This and the island freed up enough space that I, after exactly one year of living in this house, unpacked all my china! China that has never in fact been unpacked before, but that has sat in my poor parent's crawl space since high school. It feels so freeing to have all my goods unboxed. For what is the beauty of owning something that squats lonely in a box?

Mike got his organizational groove on too. He built this workbench in about 45 minutes flat! Now he's busy drilling things to walls and putting up peg boards and other similarly manly things.
I now feel like I can breathe in the garage. It was a bit of a neat freak's nightmare. My mother did pass on her neat-freakedness to me, but I didn't necessarily get her penchant for cleaning and organizing. But now all these icky projects that have been staring me in the eye have been shot down.


Tara said...

This gets me in the mood to do more spring cleaning during my spring break!!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted an pot rack like that. How did you attach it to the high ceiling? What a great bench--can Mike come and organize my garage? NV

Elizabeth Messer said...

Good grief!~ You make me want to vomit! Yes, you heard me! Your organization is! Maddening! Nancy, I agree with you about Mike organizing the garage. As a good son, he should...and Amber, as a good friend, I think you should come to Omaha and help me organize my little apartment kitchen! : ) Yes, please!

You are both wonderful little busy bees. The world needs people like you. Love, Liz

p.s. You don't really make me sick! I was just trying to be dramatic.