Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Muledeer Strolling on a Winter Day

Spent the weekend hanging out with my parents, watching Olympics, playing the Farming Game. Came home to a winter wonderland and a little deersy family.

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Elizabeth Messer said...

Gorgeous picture! Sounds like you guys had a really wonderful weekend, and I appreciated you leaving me a comment, way to go. How do you "hide" people? and how do you put the people you think are really important on your main page--to see their updates? You are so techno-hip! You know what stinks about not checking facebook? I keep thinking of silly things to update my friends "I just got a new really cool watch! First new one in six years!" Maybe you could post that on your fb page, prefaced with "Liz wants you to know..." and then see if I get any comments. Er...hmm...ha...just kidding. Love you guys! By the way...I will be in Castle Rock next Tuesday, Weds and Friday. Care to swing down for a coffee?