Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I interviewed a couple of candidates to be my intern this summer. It's so nice to be around the fresh enthusiasm of a 20 year old! Although they do make me feel a bit creaky and old.

One today said, "What's it like to have your job?" As she thought my job sounded pretty cool. (Which reminds me, is it cool to say "cool" anymore? Should I be saying "sick" or "fierce" or something to these whippersnappers?)

It's always a good reminder to be thankful for what I have. It's so easy to take what one has for granted or focus on what isn't quite right about it. Like the fact that I'd rather be independently wealthy or that I'd rather be in a less stressful job or I'd rather be baking muffins. But, life will never be just so, will it? I want to savor and enjoy what I do have, which is a lot.

When I started at my job 2 1/2 years ago, these two little twins from the Philippines looked like this:

And then, after I'd been here awhile, they looked like this:
And today I received another photo, and they look like this!
I can't believe how long it has apparently been. When I first started my job, I wanted to run crying back home to Longmont or Ft. Collins or Loveland or wherever. My wise friend Sarah told me to give it 6 months. So I did. Then I gave another 6 and another and another and another. Now, I feel blessed at all the richness these past several years have brought to Mike and I, even if they weren't how we planned them.

Today at chapel, Dan Wooley spoke, our now famous coworker who has been on Larry King, Good Morning America and scores of other shows. We had a full hour to hear about his experiences trapped under 6 stories for 3 days. The advice he left us with:
  • Be right with God. Don't wait or keep a long account with him. You don't know what will happen, so seek him today.
  • There is no place you can be safer than in God's hands and in God's will. God could have chosen to take Dan, but two walls just happened to fall together exactly correctly, forming a tent over him and he lived. Many others did not.
  • Focus on what is important in life.
  • Remember that in the spiritual realm, we really are all completely helpless and in need of rescue. Dan could do nothing to save his own life. He was utterly dependent on outside rescue. Likewise, we are utterly helpless without God and his saving grace through Jesus Christ.
Yesterday we heard the news that David Hames' body had been found. He has a wife and a 5-year-old and 2-year-old boy, Aiden and Zander. Before going to Haiti, they all prayed together about it and felt that God was calling him to go there. Pray for the continued support and encouragement of their family.

Remember the good things you have today, remember God, and remember his saving grace that he offers to you.


sarahbri said...

Geez. Your friend sounds awesome. I'd like to meet her.

When can we hang again? Maybe we'd come visit you...

sarahbri said...

Also, I'm happy that you feel blessed. You should feel blessed. You have some amazing things going on in your life :)

Travis Swan said...

"Cool" is fine . . . just don't use "whippersnappers" ever again! I think your wise friend Sarah seems pretty awesome as well.