Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work and Kids

This weekend, we had two major occurences: We did a ton of work (12 hours worth) on Saturday, and Sunday the Salt Lake City Whitneys (Mike's sister's family) visited us. In our house, we finished up some niggling little tasks that were hanging over our heads, such as painting our pantry door (which would not have matched as soon as we replace our countertops), and replacing the handle.

We also replaced all the old doggy, cruddy, gross brown baseboards and doorframes with clean new white (as seen below). Isn't that so much better? It makes everything look cleaner. And, in fact, it is. I did all the demo, of course, so I got down and dirty with the baseboards. Besides being stuffed with dog hair wads, there was a small ant colony with what looks like 20 years of ant poop. (Mike, naively, theorized it was dirt. Whatever.) (Note: Though I cleaned most everything, I made Mike clean out the ant poop "dirt".)

Then today, the Whitneys visited us. Odd how in 3 seconds three children can turn a home that took hours to clean upside down. We're used to such a crotchety and cloistered existence. (But those of you with vested interests will be glad to know that at the end of this visit, I didn't think, "I never want children.")

We took pics of the Whits. Here's Baby Four. Or Elias, as Josh likes to call him.

Here's Aiden. Aiden liked to have his picture taken, and this time he didn't seem to fear and loathe me. In Moab in April, if I looked at him he would start crying. (He even told me he didn't like me. But don't worry, we made up.)
Here is him looking angelic.
And him doing his angry face.
Here is Kael making the particular face he makes when he is explaining something to you.
Hayley eating a cookie. I have to say that Hayley is very likable. She said to Mike, "I like butterflies. I really like butterflies."
And, here is a rare photo of Josh Whitney showing emotion. I wonder how he'll feel about this being on the web.


Elizabeth Messer said...

Oh, Amber these are fantastic. I loooooved the pictures of Aiden. I just love those kids. Some children make me not want kids...(to give the current bun in the oven to a holier family) but Krista and Josh's kids make me want to roll up my sleeves, get down and dirty...even discipline doesn't seem so daunting with them..and I've seen plenty of their spankings. It must be love, you know. I love the Vans more than any family 'cept mine own, and that extends to the kids--and definitely gives me hope that I will love my child enough to do everything possible to be a great mom! Kids are daunting, (are they ever!) but I'm excited that maybe my kids will be as cool as Trev's and Krista's. And maybe yours, too.
Looooove you!I wish I could visit.
Is coming to Sarah's greeley shower a possibility...I would DIE to see you! (Pray that my ultrasound goes well tomorrow though, because I might have to cancel the trip, if not : ( boo.)


Amber Van Schooneveld said...

Hey Liz--I'll definitely pray for your ultrasound. Let me know whether you end up going to Greeley or not--I'm still not sure.
Would you really DIE to see me? Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his brother.

Jon The Hart said...

For his brother, not to see his brother... :)

Every now and again I clear my temporary internet files/cookies/history etc, and when I do I seem to go a week without checking your blog, I like that you are such a consistent blogger, so many people end up neglecting their blogs after a week or month and they're left stranded. Your house is great, Bob Vila would be impressed.