Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Perspective

Here is a post I wrote for Compassion about Jimmy's stay with us. ("Jimmy" is Wambua's English name.)

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Angela said...


I was so excited to read this post! I am a 2008 Moody graduate and am now traveling as a teacher with the African Children's Choir. I spent some time in Africa last year and this story struck me on so many different levels. I know the kind of situation Jimmy is coming from. I know what it is like to introduce people who come poverty to American culture. My children in the choir also noticed the cheese..they don't like it at all! I also know what Jimmy will be entering into at Moody and I know he will appreciate more than most. Thanks for sharing this story. Your book Hope Lives was recommended to me by a man who works for compassion. I started reading it last week and I am so excited. This whole year God has given me a vision for taking people through a process of realizing God's heart for the poor and oppressed and how they can be involved. When I picked up your book it was EXACTLY the process I had been desiring to help people through! Thanks for writing it. I hope to get involved after this tour in a ministry like that. Is there anyway to contact you besides your lovely blog that I have stumbled upon? My email is angiejlounsbury@hotmail.com

Angela Lounsbury