Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jealous of Julie and Jon

I get worried when I see other people who have good ideas or good books or good movies or good blogs that maybe all the good ideas are taken and I'll never get my chance and life is slipping away from me and I was never that good to start. Like that Julie chick who got a frickin' movie. Or that Stuff Christians Like guy who is far funnier than I am. Stupidhead.

At present, I feel like I have no strong direction, other than to wait, and so it brings me back to the solid truth that if I were doing those other people's things it would be their things, not my things, and that's not good for anybody. Still learning.

While reading Jon's blog and feeling quite under-skilled myself, I happened upon this post about jealousy. How ironic. (By the way, don't you hate it when people misuse the word ironic? It's coincidental, not ironic.)

So here's my advice to me: Focus on God and what he is calling me to. Forget the rest as irrelevant.


Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

Yeah, I mean it's like how lots of people have ugly and stupid kids, but they still love them because they're their kids.

The use of words to express something other than their literal intention. Now that is irony.

Jon The Hart said...

That's not ironic, it's just cruel!

Amber I live that feeling, I have billions of ideas that seem to have been had by others at a previous date.