Monday, August 31, 2009

Hallo the Vanschoonevelds!

You know what's easier than writing a post? Pasting people's private emails to me here! Jimmy Wambua, our house guest who moved on to grad school at Moody sent me a message today. Those Africans have a way with words, so you'll get more out of his words than mine anyway. (And he's bragging on my husband, so I must share.)

I am so filled with guilt that I didn't write sooner! I did not forget, besides having to take in so much here at Moody, I didn't want to write in a hurry. Today is the day for me to write. 

I must say, your story and life has been on my lips to everyone I meet. I tell people of this amazing couple I met on my maiden entry into the States! Your love life inspired me. My girlfriend has immensely been impacted by the lessons I learned from you. 

In my African perspective, Mike is a submitted King, a gentleman. With a measure of caution, if he came to Africa, every woman would love him. He is so neat. His conversations with me are still fresh in my heart. Amber, you are so blessed to have this man as a life companion! Every night give thanks to God! 

Isn't Jimmy insightful? Mike is a gentleman that any African woman would love. :)

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sarahbri said...

That is actually pretty cool. And even though I don't know much about Africa, I submit that Jimmy may be right :)