Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Food Room

Today, I did my second TV interview. I'm not the biggest fan of interviewing, as I've mentioned before. And TV is far scarier than radio, on which I talk sans pants and no one will know. But, minus the preceeding week of a grumbly nervous tummy, this interview was actually kind of fun.

When I first got there I was a bit nervous because the people were...different from me. One woman had a big fur purse. That kind of says it all. Now, there's nothing wrong with being different, but it makes me nervous and I tend to clam up.

But then they took me to "the green room," and that made it all better. They should really call it the food room. It was awesome. If only I hadn't just eaten 1 1/2 Arby's Classics and there weren't large-haired women in the hall who would have seen, I would have dived into the cookies and chips and chocolates and rolled in it on the large plushy couches.

Not necessarily because the food was so incredible. But because it was free. Ah, free food,. Is there anything like it? What I wouldn't go through for some free food. It can make almost anything better, such as a stinky auto mechanic shop with just a plate of Chips A'Hoy.

My interviewer, Linda Shepherd Evans, was a really kind woman whom I liked, and the nice thing about interviewers is that they know how to talk, even when I don't. So with my free pomegranate Izze in hand, I was confident to face the light Christian music.


Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

Finally, something to really motivate Amber to do interviews! Her publicity agent should have just offered to send her a free box of girl scout cookies for each interview she does. She would be a regular on Oprah by now. And four hundred pounds.

Tara said...

Yeah, but she can write!! Maybe you can just motivate Am to do any work with "free" food.

Am, maybe the fur purse was used so that they could take some of that free food home!

Can't wait to see the interviews. Will you let us know about them? If you do I will give you free food!

barleygreen said...

Note to self, anything it.