Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Costume Crisis

This week, my friend Becky is off galavanting in Greece on her honeymoon.

I sit next to her at work, and she is our Crisis Woman. Whenever a crisis happens in one of our field countries that has affected sponsored children, she's the woman who reports on this to our partner countries. (Hopefully she is not being affected herself this week by the Athens fires!)

In her absence, the crisis reporting has fallen to me. Completely selfishly, I've been praying for no crises to hit the world.

So right now I'm breezing through CNN just to make sure all is calm. Luckily, this seems to be the most serious crisis going on. The Peruvian Miss Universe contestant wore a cultural dance costume that the Bolivian state-run news agency says is theirs and theirs only.

"We ask that urgent, adequate, opportune and pertinent measures be taken to protect Bolivian cultural patrimony," they said.
Thank God, no sponsored children were affected by this urgent crisis.


Chuck <>< said...

ROFL-Glad everything is so right with the world at this time....hopefully that was only a bump in the road.

Pam S. said...

You always brighten my day

Becky said...

Your last line is the best.

Good job covering! Maybe you should be the Backup Crisis Woman all the time ...