Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brain Space

Lately, I feel like my brain hasn't had space to breathe. Being a person with no kids, no pets, and only dead plants in a neglected yard means that I usually have lots of brain space. Which I like. My brain wants the vastness of the Wyoming plains to wander along.

But what with house guests and interns and parties and summits and aggressive reading plans, my brain has felt contained in a fenced backyard. So creative blogs I can offer you not. Just cop out videos and photos of our busy days.

Today I will appease you with pictures of our recent experiences. We saw about 9 male bighorn sheep at Garden of the Gods. We saw their ladies earlier that day at Glen Eyrie--about 30 of them.
Jimmy came to Colorado from Kenya to see giraffes.
Mike and I pet a baby wallaby.
That pretty much sums up our days.

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Elizabeth Messer said...

You know, I was thinking, you two really should get a cat. A hypo-allergenic one for Mike. But, I really do love having a cat!