Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Young Bucks

I got an email from Mike yesterday. He said, "A couple of young bucks just walked, bold as brass, through our front yard." Below are said bucks.
This evening we took a long walk down to Starbucks, where I used a new gift card to get a Shaken Tea Lemonade. Then as we meandered back up to the house, we watched two little Bambis play. They were up on the cliffs to the right of the road, and couldn't be more than a week old. They were dark and spotted and kept bounded and leaping in circles. And all the world said, "Awwwwwww....."

This afternoon, a huge thunderstorm tore through town, so Mike had to rescue Leanna and I, stranded at work because we'd ridden our bikes. I'd been watching the lightning from my cubicle, and could swear it wasn't hitting things. It was. This is a couple minutes from our house.

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Solitare said...

How cool, what a great place to live! It sounds like you've been quite active with all of your walking, hiking and biking! Hopefully we can catch up with you the next time we are down!