Sunday, July 5, 2009

What We Did on the Fourth

Last year, for the 4th, we had an all-American Bray family get-together. This year, we decided to stay close to home and approach it on the down-low. We had a Mr. Jon the Hart come stay with us. In the morning, we drove up past Divide to hike the Crags. I liked the Crags because
  1. The Donut Mill is on the way.
  2. It's not very hard.
  3. It has beautiful views of the Pikes Peak area.

Here are Mike and I at the top.

Mike and Jon discovered a cave on the way and proceeded to act like Neanderthals. (Or would that be "continued to" act like Neanderthals?...)

We decided to watch the fireworks at the Airforce Academy. We got there ridiculously early and played Plague and Pestilence on a blanket. Then it rained. Hard. And Mike and I hid under the painting tarp we had brought while various passerbys worried for our imminent suffocation.

Then we watched the fireworks, and I revealed to Jon my secret that I never really liked fireworks *that much* and frequently get bored during the shows.
On Sunday, because on the 4th we had no all-American barbecue fare, we baked a delicious cherry crumble, which I will go and eat right now.


Michael Jonathan Van Schooneveld said...

I had a fun time in that plastic prison. Funny, this picture makes it look so bright and cheery, but Jon used the flash. It was actually totally dark and pouring rain. Fun, though. The ground was so saturated it was like walking on a sopping squishy mattress.

Karyn said...

We stopped at the Donut Mill on the way home for ice cream too! It was delicious. And I think I am glad I do not live closer to that establishment.

Jon The Hart said...

I felt bad about admitting I didn't like Cherry pie, I didn't mean to ruin the 4th of July for you's. I tagged a picture of you's on the facebook thinger.