Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wambua and the Politicians

Right now, we have a visitor from Kenya staying with us, Wambua. He was sponsored by Compassion as a child, then was part of the Leadership Development Program, which allowed him to go to university, and now he has won a scholarship to study at Moody in Chicago. 

This is his first trip outside Kenya, and Mike and I are getting to experience his initial reactions to this strange country firsthand. One thing he is startled by is the variety. The variety of cereal, to be exact. But not the variety of cereal at Walmart. The variety in our pantry. Mike has a serious thing for at all times having a minimum of 23 boxes of cereal in the home, just in case, you know, a pack of voracious velociraptors invade our home and we have to appease them. 

He was also a bit shocked by our home. We have an average American home, I would say. It's very nice in my opinion, but you know, strictly middle class. Upon viewing it, Wambua said, "This is a home of politicians!" Meaning, if we lived in Kenya and had this home, we'd be the elite class. "These are the couches of politicians," he also said. They're just from SofaMart, I thought. And here I was, worried that he'd be disappointed he didn't get to stay in the home of one of the big VP dudes here who have VP homes. Perspective is a funny thing, isn't it? 

Regarding his room in the basement, he said, "When I saw this room, I thought it must be the main part of the house, it's so nice, and now I see it's just the basement." 

Upon talking a walk at Blodgett Open Space that night, and seeing the large homes lining the trail he said, "Americans like the nice life and to be comfortable." To which I thought, "Who doesn't like that?", which just shows that I'm American. 

In any case, we are enjoying hearing his mellifluous voice speak on such things as politics and cereal and comfort. If only I can convince him to record our answering machine message.


barleygreen said...

Great post. He sounds like such an nice genuine man.

Jeralyn Rae Egger said...

Robin directed me to your post:) She knew I would enjoy it since I had visited the Ivory Coast last summer. And I did enjoy it! What a wonderful experience to have Wambua in your home.