Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ta Da!

Today is the big day, the release of Mike and my new book, Passport to Prayer: A Journey of Compassion, which is a small group study. Each week is themed on a different country. There are optional recipes you can create to set the mood. Then you learn a little more about that country and the needs in it. There is a Bible study time, in which you learn about what the Bible has to say relating to the issues, and then a prayer time. My prayer is that God will use it to raise awareness, get people considering other parts of the Bible, get people praying, and get people to get involved. 

Mike wrote/edited another book that comes out today, The Confident Christian, which is an apologetic study for youth groups. Mike got to put his huge throbbing brain to use to create it. I pray God will use them for whatever in the world he wants to.   


Becky said...

You guys are like our coolest friends.

Jamie said...

Hey. I have something a little awkward to tell you... um... I like you, too. And I like that you write books.

Aubergine said...

Congrats on the release of your new books. We are proud of the way you open yourselves up to the leading of God. You inspire us and we pray that many others will be inspired by the bible studies too! :)

Anonymous said...

What countries are profiled in Passport to Prayer? The lady on the front looks Peruvian. I am in Peru right now on vacation.

Hilary Lucero

Amber Van Schooneveld said...

Hi Hilary!
It's actually a picture taken in Bolivia. The owner of the publishing company who published it loves traveling and photography, so he took it. :)

The countries, if I can remember, are: Uganda, Bolivia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Haiti, and India.