Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kiss Your Hubby Today

I've been talking with Wambua about women in Africa and around the world. Golly gee I've got a good man. He:
  1. Hasn't abadoned me.
  2. Comes home at night sober.
  3. Doesn't have 2 other families or at least a mistress and some kids.
  4. Doesn't expect me to work all day then clean the house, do the laundry, cook dinner, and care for the kids all by my lonesome.
  5. Values me as an equal.
  6. Respects my intelligence.
  7. If we have a daughter, I suspect he won't feed her less than the boys or restrict her ability to go to school.
  8. Puts what he sees his responsibilities are as a husband as a priority before his reputation as a man--i.e. he's more worried about what is right than about looking macho for the men.
  9. Doesn't sit at the market all day yapping while his woman does all the work.
  10. Loves me.

These might seem like really weak reasons to celebrate my man (that he hasn't abandoned me? How much of an accomplishment is that?), and believe me he's got plenty more virtues to praise, but there's a lot of men in this world who don't value women or treat them right.

So all ya married ladies, if you've got a good man who loves you respects you and treats you as he ought, don't just put ya hands up, go kiss your hubby today. (Sorry, I have "All the Single Ladies" in my head.)


Elizabeth Messer said...

Amber, good reminder of how good we have it.

sarahbri said...

I adore that you married Mikey.