Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doofy Husbands

OK, Sarah drops the F bomb in the first line, but this video is so true. If I based my perceptions of men on commercials, I would think single men were sleek and clever with good cars, while married men are slightly dumber than dogs.


barleygreen said... out guys, Haskins' on the loose.

Amber Van Schooneveld said...

It's not Haskins men need to worry about, it's the marketers that seem to reason, "Women think their husbands are incompetent dolts. If we portray them as such, they'll buy our stuff!"

I find the commercials offensive--as offensive as I would find it if women were portrayed as all complete ditzes.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, hilarious. Commercials really do portray married guys as incompetent and ditzy. I love it. Because, Joe is EXACTLY like that! Actually, most commercials are pretty offensive if you think of their world-view or what they are suggesting. Gosh I love Sarah Haskins, and Amber, I would still be oblivious to her genius without you. So thanks, for being a real friend, and posting her videos!


Kate said...

this is why I'm glad we don't have a TV - those ads make me grind my teeth. so, so offensive. I've been waiting for her to make this one for a long time. totally posting it on fb.

Tara said...

This is hilarious. Yes, all men are not like this, but there are a few out there that give the rest a bad name.

I love commercials--with them there is so many fun topics to discuss! The commercial from Burger King with the dancing girls(I like square butts) is terrible and has led to many great conversatiuons!

barleygreen said...

Yes yes, the marketers; but Sarah is especially mean in this one which is why I made the comment.

Jon The Hart said...

The ads aren't nearly as bad as the actual shows in my opinion... find me 1 semi-competent sitcom husband and I'll show you 10 ultra-competent successful self-confident beautiful sitcom women. Weak males are fashionable, it's societal penance for all those years of oppression I guess.

At least the trend seems mostly limited to sitcoms... we've still got a nice foothold as badasses on dramas.