Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sarah Swanser

This post is in honor of the birthday week of my friend Sarah. Her family celebrates birthdays for a full week. This is lucky for forgetful me, as 7 days is a much larger target than 1 day. 

I wasn't sure if I should write a post for  Sarah. Cause I talk about her a lot. I mean creepy a lot. I mean Single White Female. If you'd like to see some pictures of Sarah, you can see here and here and here. In short, I like Sarah. 

Her job is just like that guy in Office Space. She works with engineers, but she's the people person. "So do you actually take down the specs and take them to the engineers?" "Well, no actually, my secretary does that..." "Well, what is it you'd say you do here?" "I'M A PEOPLE PERSON!!! Can't you people understand that?! I'm good with people!" That's pretty much what she's like. 

Her hair gets cooler fortnightly. Really, it does. The problem is, that I don't see how she can get much hipper. Where can she go from here? I think she's probably going to be bald in a couple of months. 

She is also completely ambiguously ethnic. My husband has a picture of her from every year in school, kindergarten on up. (I told you we're creepy.) In each one, she could be from a different people. Sometimes she's Jewish, sometimes Latina, sometimes Greek. I'm personally putting my money on Armenian. She really should be the next Maya Rudolph because she could play anyone on SNL. 

She's very domestic. She loves baking and gardening and cooking. One time we made Chinese fighting muffins together. 

Most of all, I like her because she is her. She is a caring, smart, fun, interesting, honest, lovely person and I'm much the better for knowing her. 


Annie Schrader said...

I'm pretty fond of her too! :)

Kerry said...

She's pretty cool, I guess.

sarahbri said...

Wow Amber. All those things you said are how I feel about YOU. I guess it's good we're friends. Thank you for that blessing today :)

hlw said...

WOW - you are a good friend!